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Holly Clough is a multi instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter.

She was born and raised in Rockland, Maine.

"My music is my self discovery and healing journey. It's taught me so much about myself; more than any therapist ever did. I was the quiet kid that sat in the back of the class who didn't talk much. Now I've sang to crowds 5,000+ and had to appear on TV shows. Who I was and who I am now is night and day. I think that's because I learned life happens outside of my comfort zone and my fears were nothing more than self sabotage thinking I'm not worthy enough to have what I want. My story and my music doesn't have to inspire anyone but I hope I teach people to invest in themselves because in life we don't get to decide where we start but we do get to be the author of every page after that. My mentality has always been 'make your life a story you'll want to reread over and over again and love to tell'."

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Represented by Revolve Artist Management 

For booking and press inquiries, please email

Distributed by

Sapphire Records 

Los Angeles, CA

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